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How to Get Even More Out of LinkedIn

So, you’ve fine-tuned your profile, crafted a meaningful headline and written a concise but detailed summary and list of skills on LinkedIn. Now what? How can you get even more out of LinkedIn? To put it simply, you need to take LinkedIn more seriously. Instead of seeing it as a place you ‘have to’ be

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3 Essential Video Types for Any Company

Videos are an amazing source of communication. A video may be simple, uninteresting and bland. There is, however, always something that the viewer is going to take away from that video. Consciously or subconsciously, the mind has picked up on at least something from the video. Depending on the brand/company, I am sure the videos

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What is a Lead Magnet and why should you try them?

In today’s hyper-saturated market, getting attention from potential buyers, and converting that to sales, is more difficult than it has ever been. There is an ever-growing need to reach out to buyers personally, to make your unique offering clear and target the points that will make them go from potential to converted buyer. Given direct

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How to Feel Comfortable in Front of a Camera

In addition, technology has developed to the stage where it is perfectly possible to have video conferences and chats online by using programs such as Skype. Most of us, however, still feel uncomfortable when asked to pose in front of the camera. We feel awkward and self-conscious and this discomfort often shows very clearly on

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What is Intentional Marketing?

One of the most important aspects of any business is the way that you market yourself. This will affect the way that your customers perceive your business and how many products you sell. For this reason, you should consider making your marketing more intentional. Let’s look at what intentional marketing is and why it’s important.Being

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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

I have closed a lot of business on LinkedIn. When I tell my peers that, they look at me quite baffled. I hear, “I’m on LinkedIn all of the time and I get nothing from it” to “LinkedIn isn’t a good fit for my industry.” Before I give a response, I do a negative reverse

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