3 Essential Video Types for Any Company

Videos are an amazing source of communication. A video may be simple, uninteresting and bland. There is, however, always something that the viewer is going to take away from that video. Consciously or subconsciously, the mind has picked up on at least something from the video. Depending on the brand/company, I am sure the videos and their types vary. There are, however, three essential videos all companies should use. The who, what, and why.
I am going to put myself in a scenario where I have my own company. I would want to consider what would make potential customers see more potential in my brand/product. I am also going to place myself in the shoes of my customers. I would want to consider what would make my brand feel more trustworthy. What would give my company a backbone. If I am buying something I want to know who I am getting it from. That question is the first thing that comes to my mind subconsciously, most often. I say to myself’ “who is this company that sells theses really cute shoes I like.” I may think to myself, “where did this brand/company come from?” This is the opportunity to show a video on who the company is.

Who is this Brand/Company?
Opening up a gateway to information about something is comforting to me. Knowing about the company, at least knowing where they are from is important to me. If I am unsure about a product and I am not familiar with “who” the company is, I will do research. Research that I hope will help build more confidence within the company/brand. My attention has already been attracted; I want some more reassurance though. I want to see videos that explain the brand. Videos that show some background or history on the company, even if the video or the advertisement is not long. I want something to convince me of who I may potentially consume from.

What Does This Brand Represent
Secondly, companies should have videos on “what” the brand/product is. This is very important as well. Depending on what brand/ product is being advertised; a video on these products and different varieties of the product should be shown. This is an opportunity for the company to “wow” the consumer. To grad the consumer’s attention and keep it. The videos should show how great the brand/product is and what kind of benefits it offers its consumers. What is the brand wanting to convince me of? What can that brand/product offer me that no other entity can? These are subjects that should be addressed when a video is put together on what the brand/company can offer.

Well, Why Should I?
Lastly is, why. Out of all the brands/products to be interested in, why should I choose this specific brand? Videos to convince me of the “why” are important. There are many products for different reasons that can do different things, as well as items that are all alike. Why should I pick this particular brand or product over any other? A lot of times I am left asking myself why. Why I bought this, why this happened. It would be refreshing to see a video showing me why I should believe in the brand/product. Why I should choose them over the others.
These three essential videos I mentioned: the who, what and the way may seem somewhat simple. On the other hand, these three types range in a variety of complexity. The more time spent on answering these simple questions, showing the consumers more potential and confidence in their brand/company is extremely important for success.

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