How to Feel Comfortable in Front of a Camera

In addition, technology has developed to the stage where it is perfectly possible to have video conferences and chats online by using programs such as Skype. Most of us, however, still feel uncomfortable when asked to pose in front of the camera. We feel awkward and self-conscious and this discomfort often shows very clearly on the photographs and videos.

The advent of the graphic age
Whether you like it or not, we live in a world where appearances are becoming very important. Job interviews via Skype, short video CV’s and online video communication are becoming increasingly common. Millions of individuals and companies use video channels such as YouTube to promote their businesses or their talents. In fact, it has become a very big industry.
The prolific growth of digital technology means that almost all of us are required to pose for photographs or to have our actions recorded. Yet few of us know how to look natural and relaxed in such situations.

Tips for feeling comfortable in front of a camera

Dress well:

If you are going to be photographed for any reason other than to record your holiday or your time out with your buddies, take the time to choose an outfit that fits well and that looks good on you. Avoid any clothing with vertical stripes, especially for video productions.

Choose an environment where you feel comfortable:

This is especially important for video productions. If you are photographed in strange environments, or in places where strangers may stare at the proceedings, you may become nervous and it will show in the end result. A familiar environment, on the other hand, will help you relax and appear natural.
Make a friend of the camera. Experts agree that direct eye contact with the audience of the photographs or videos is important. When you look directly into the camera the viewer will feel as if you are looking directly at him.


If you have to appear in video production it is important to practice, even if you do not know what you will be required to say. In the case of job interviews, for example, practice answering common questions. If you are going to introduce yourself through a YouTube video, practice your words and your movements.

Do not strike a pose:

Unless you are being photographed as a model or for a portrait, try not to strike a pose. It always looks unnatural. Celebrities and public figures know that they look at their best when they act as if there are no cameras present.

Avoid potentially disastrous relaxants:
Taking a few drinks or another substance to help you relax before being photographed is a very big mistake. You need to be your natural self and stimulants or alcohol will inevitably make you appear to be foolish.

Remember about taking 2 (or 3 or 4):

Keep in mind that modern photography is all digital. If you make a mess of your first try, who cares? Well, this doesn’t help if you appear on live TV! But mostly, you can try again and again until it is just perfect.

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