How to Get Even More Out of LinkedIn

So, you’ve fine-tuned your profile, crafted a meaningful headline and written a concise but detailed summary and list of skills on LinkedIn. Now what? How can you get even more out of LinkedIn?
To put it simply, you need to take LinkedIn more seriously. Instead of seeing it as a place you ‘have to’ be and where you basically just store your resume, you should consider the fact that it is a platform that offers a myriad of networking opportunities. It is also a platform that is becoming increasingly popular in business as well as amongst professionals.
Firstly, make a point of scheduling time to spend on LinkedIn at least once a day. Install the app on your mobile phone to make it easier to access. Spend time connecting, sharing and engaging with people. If you try to make 10 new contacts a day and engage 10 times a day (post/like/share/comment) you will slowly but surely establish a solid network of people around you.
Use your News Feed to share interesting information. Here you can show your knowledge in a particular subject and this will help establish you as an expert in your field. If you’re not too sure what to share, take a look at which posts are trending and share any of those. Remember to add your own comment to personalize the process.
Engaging with people consistently by tagging, liking and sharing their posts, as well as by discussing them, will expand your network in no time. Mentioning others and tagging them has a ripple effect because it connects you with them and puts you on their radar even if they don’t know you. And this, is the point of social networking. You don’t just want to network with people you know, you want to reach as broader audience as possible if you want to network effectively.
If someone you don’t know tries to connect with you, take a look at their profile to see if they look legitimate before you accept. If they have a photo and a fully completed profile you should be able to tell whether they’re authentic or not. When thinking about connections don’t see people as customers, look at them as potential partners that could bring new contacts and the opportunity to grow your network of referrers, suppliers and customers.
Don’t forget about your existing contacts. Connect with your existing contacts by uploading them from your phone or your email account and finding them on LinkedIn. If they’re not yet members, invite them to join. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this simple exercise builds your network.
Building your reputation is easier with existing contacts and will inevitably lead you to establishing new ones. By connecting with more people you expand your network and increase the potential of achieving your goals whether they be looking for a new job, new customers or new business partners.
And lastly, remember to expand your network after real-life engagements by connecting with the people you have met with on LinkedIn.

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