How to Market Your Business during COVID-19

According to Thrive Agency, companies that repurpose their spending during recession periods outperform those that make significant cuts. Progressive companies are also more likely to thrive after a recession ends.
You may be asking yourself: what can I do to keep my business afloat during these uncertain times?
The short answer: show empathy, expand your digital presence, and adapt to the needs of your customers.

Empathy and Generosity–Not Exploitation
People do not want their strifes exploited for a company’s benefit. Right now, consumers are looking to people and brands that are demonstrating their generosity and empathy. Reflect on companies like Ford and GE that repurposed their production capabilities to develop ventilators and respirators. Grocery stores are adding exclusive hours for elderly and vulnerable customers. Other companies are making certain services free or available online. Consider how your brand can make customers feel secure and valued. People will remember your generosity and willingness to adapt to their needs.

Social Media
With people staying at home, they are spending more time online than ever before. Use this opportunity to make your brand visible to your online audience. Connect through social media, spread encouraging messages, and show what your business is doing to help the cause locally or nationally.
Add hashtags such as #StopTheSpread and #SocialDistancing to make your presence reach further and demonstrate your awareness and relevancy. Let your customers know that you are on their side, doing your part to end the coronavirus, adapting your services, and making yourself available.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
People are flocking to online platforms, looking for things to pass the time. Search traffic has increased during the last few weeks as consumers explore forms of entertainment, shop, and keep up with news online.
Now is the time to optimize your visibility online. Familiarize yourself with SEO strategies and start implementing them to make your website easy to find.
Here is an article to help you understand SEO and start building your reputation online: A 5-Step Online Reputation Management Guide

Companies that can adapt under any circumstance will have an edge on those who are slow to change.
Implement remote working environments using technological communication and sharing to help your employees collaborate and be productive. You can use these same collaborative platforms to communicate with clients.
Think of how you can meet clients’ needs, even if you can’t provide your service in person. For example, chefs are making online cooking videos while salons are showing people how to cut their hair at home.

Envision the Future
This quarantine will end eventually, and what you do now will determine the future of your business. Think longterm rather than panicking over the current circumstances. Continuing your marketing endeavors, reaching out to your customers, and adapting your services is key to making your business stay relevant and prominent during this crisis.
Put forth effort in your business now, instead of playing catch up once the quarantine is over. With good marketing strategies, you will come out on top compared to competitors who bunker down and wait for the crisis to pass.

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