Top Marketing Trends of 2019

Marketing is a continually evolving industry. With the age of social media and the internet bringing with it a valuable resource for businesses to utilize and target their audience, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the trends, to ensure your company and brand stays relevant and appealing to customers.

1. Unique Content
One of a kind and exclusive content has never been more critical. With so many businesses, large and small, competing in a primarily overwhelmed marketing world, in both print and digital marketing, it is essential to provide your followers and customers with unique and engaging content and information. Consumers want to be inspired, laugh, be entertained, or learn something new.

2. Influencers and Bloggers
Businesses are now beginning to understand the value and potential of using influencers to target their potential customers. Influencers inspire their followers in a variety of ways, from fashion to lifestyle choices, it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

3. Videos are the way forward
YouTube is growing exponentially in popularity. With well over two-thirds of Americans watching videos across all major social media platforms, creating video content has never been more essential. From Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook and Instagram videos, creating content via video has seen a significant surge in 2019.

4. Live Video
Live streaming is the latest trend to sweep digital marketing; it has seen a significant rise across 2019 as businesses begin to utilize its potential. It is a great way to give followers and consumers an honest and behind the scenes look into how the company operates on a day to day basis. Consumers appreciate transparency, which is why live video has become so popular.

5. SEO A/B Split testing
This can sound a bit daunting at first, but for those in the know, this marketing trend has been incredibly beneficial to many businesses. This method of testing allows you to define the variables that are increasing (or decreasing) your traffic; this will then allow you to alter and make changes as necessary.

6. Chatbots and AI
The new AI-based technology taking the industry by storm is Chatbots. These can be used on your site to allow your customers to find help at any time of the day. Chatbots can respond to simple, frequently asked questions, or provide extra information depending on what the customer requests and requires. This is also a cheaper way to provide customer service, as it saves the costs of hiring employees to work all hours.

7. Social Commerce
Social media platforms like Facebook and most recently, Instagram has created specific profiles and pages that help businesses make the most of the platform. Instagram has recently added a feature that allows companies actually to sell their products through the app.

8. Personalization is key
One major trend that businesses have been utilizing to their advantage is personalization. From marketing emails to website profiles and accounts, consumers prefer this level of detail compared to generic advertising blasts.
In conclusion, the future of marketing is continuously transformed by new technologies. With the development of smart technologies like AI and machine learning, marketing is set on a fascinating future path.

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