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Our Crafty Communications team has the experience an agency needs to generate your business quality leads that will eventually become paying customers. Between five bachelor degrees in Marketing, Communications & Advertising, a Master’s Degree, and six certifications in email marketing, social media marketing and research, we have the expertise needed to take your marketing to the next level! While some agencies outsource their services to actual experts, we at Crafty believe we only sell what we know how to do ourselves.

Inbound Marketing

We become your Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Communications Officer in a sense. With social ads now becoming even more regulated and expensive than before, many businesses are having to maneuver through a new and complex digital marketing process.

At Crafty Communications, we specialize in Inbound Marketing. Crafty believes everything begins and ends with your website. And that’s where inbound marketing comes in. This proven process attracts leads that are then nurtured with the use of email marketing, videos, case studies, blogs and automated workflows.

Automated workflows
Buyer personas
CRM Tracking
Keyword Research

Landing Pages
Lead Scoring
Opt-In Forms
Case Studies

Email Marketing
Video & Focus Groups

Public Relations

From press conferences to focus groups, Crafty Communications becomes your press secretary. If you’re looking to stay proactive and have a Communications Plan in place for the unexpected, you should look into utilizing our public relations services.

Press Conferences
News Releases
Public Relations Campaigns

Focus Groups

Client Testimonials
Media Advisories
Media Kits

Reputation Management

With Facebook and Google Reviews now becoming the norm for customers to leave feedback on a company’s particular service, many businesses are now having to pay more attention to their online reputation. Yelp and GlassDoor are a few platforms that are used for customers to review companies.

At Crafty Communications, our CEO loves acting! Yes, that’s right. A part of our Reputation Management Service, we offer our popular “Undercover Customer” service where we go into a certain department of a business (with prior approval from the CEO or Owner) and see if employees are providing excellent customer service. We then present our findings to the CEO / Owner.

Undercover Customer


Social Review Platforms Management

Other Services

Professional headshots
Event Photography

Organizational Videos
Public Service Announcements

Event Management

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